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DIWISS concentrates on the scientific exploration of consciousness pursuing an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of theoretical physics, neuroscience, and philosophy of mind.


Our conscious inner life is characterized by subjective experiences that manifest themselves in a huge variety of phenomenal qualities: the enticing scent of a rose, the taste of a fresh strawberry, or the moment of happiness while viewing a colorful sunset, to name a few typical examples. Even though no one doubts that the brain is involved in the formation of such phenomenal states, the exact role of the brain in conscious processes is the subject of intense scientific debates between the various schools of thought. Many scientists are convinced that the brain creates consciousness from insentient matter, others believe that the brain assembles our familiar macroscopic conscious states from microscopic building blocks of consciousness, while some hold the view that phenomenal states result from the interaction of the brain with an omnipresent field of consciousness. What unites the various schools despite their differences is the challenge of finding an integrated approach for the understanding of the physical world and the inner world that culminates in a conclusive theory of consciousness.


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